Biodiversity Governance

The Landmark Foundation is a registered NGO, registered with the Grahamstown (Makhanda) High Court as a Charitable Trust (IT 656/2004), the Department of Social Development as a Not-for-Profit Organisation (039 – 416 – NPO), and as a tax-exempt charitable entity with South African Revenue Services (930023926 – 18A Exemption). The NGO is audited annually and is governed by a Board of Trustees according to the highest corporate governance standards.

Dr Bool Smuts is the Director of the Landmark Foundation. Dr Jeannine McManus is the Research Director, Dr. Lauriane Faraut is a senior researcher and human wildlife conflict mitigation coordinator, Monica Vaccaro is the Education Coordinator and Mr Johan van Schalkwyk is the Financial Manager. Several volunteers are involved, and project-based staff are employed when required. All other services and service providers are appointed on a project-by-project basis.

The organisation’s governance is executed by its board of trustees.

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