Biodiversity Governance

At Landmark Foundation, our Biodiversity Governance advocacy work stands as one of our most impactful ecological governance initiatives in recent years. This momentum continues, reinforcing our position as one of the most influential organizations in this field.

Landmark Foundation Public Activism

Our efforts in public activism encompass a range of activities, including participation in forums, public comment, petitions, litigations, and other public assemblies. These endeavors aim to engage and mobilize the public in safeguarding biodiversity commons.

George Municipal Tree Committee

Recognizing the critical role of trees in mitigating climate change and providing habitat for wildlife, Landmark Foundation spearheaded the establishment of the George Municipal Tree Committee. Over the past two years, we have contributed significantly to the development of the first Tree Policy for George, the implementation of penalties for unauthorized tree cutting, and the regulation of tree management within the municipality.

PAAC – Cape Nature Protected Areas Advisory Committee

Cape Nature’s initiative to establish an advisory committee for the Outeniqua Nature Reserve underscores the importance of stakeholder engagement in promoting the management and protection of vital reserves. Landmark Foundation actively participates in this committee, facilitating interaction, communication, and partnerships with stakeholders and surrounding communities.

Touwsriver Conservancy

The Touwsriver Conservancy’s Corridor/Wildlife Flow Mapping project aims to identify and protect wildlife-friendly habitats within the Touwsriver area. Landmark Foundation contributes to this initiative, emphasizing the importance of maintaining ecological corridors to enhance habitat connectivity and biodiversity.

Garden Route Dam Development

Our opposition to the development around the Garden Route Dam reflects our commitment to preserving critical wildlife habitats. We have engaged in extensive research and advocacy efforts to oppose the development, highlighting its potential impact on wildlife, particularly leopards, and advocating for responsible environmental stewardship.

Moutonshoek Mine Project & Cederberg Development

Landmark Foundation actively opposes the proposed Moutonshoek Mine Project and inappropriate development in the Cederberg conservation area. We stand against projects that threaten biodiversity and ecosystem health, advocating for sustainable land use practices and conservation measures.

Public Policy Input

Landmark Foundation provided extensive input on key public policy matters affecting leopard and carnivore conservation over the years and continue to do so. We submitted detailed representations on various statutes and policy positions, advocating for measures that uphold conservation principles and protect wildlife.

Biodiversity Litigation in Support of Securing the Biological Commons

Our commitment to securing legal protections for wildlife and natural assets underscores our dedication to preserving the ecological commons. Through strategic litigation advocacy, we hold accountable state agencies, management bodies, and landowners to conserve and protect biodiversity. Our legal actions are grounded in constitutional rights and aim to enforce accountability and promote responsible environmental governance.