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Landmark Foundation relies greatly on volunteers to assist us on our work. In fact, many people on the team today started out as volunteers! Our overall focus for volunteers is field data collection, research analyses, environmental education, marketing development, and general conservation work such as fence patrols and erosion control.

We have a broad scope of work and region of focus. We are currently working in the following areas: the Garden Route, mainly near George; the Baviaanskloof, in the Eastern Cape; Krommelboog Farm, a livestock farm and conservancy near Beaufort West; and the Bushmanland near the famous Augrabies Falls National Park. Throughout these areas we undertake camera trap surveys to monitor biodiversity and species of interest. Data collection, entry and analyses is continuous and will form part of volunteer activities. Short term research projects, such as investigating predator diet in different land use areas are routinely undertaken. More specialised research projects can be developed for BSc. and MSc candidates.

Krommelboog is Landmark Foundations volunteer base station and is where most of our field research work will take place. Our broad objective here is to understand how non-lethal husbandry practices compare to traditional husbandry with specific focus on economic, ecological and social aspects. A major focus of Landmark Foundation is to reduce human-predator conflict, with particular focus on livestock production farms. We work extensively with livestock producers to mitigate conflict and find solutions to livestock losses caused by predators. Volunteers will need to interact directly with landowners on occasion, and must be prepared for those that are not necessarily very conservation friendly. More general conservation work, such as fence patrols, will also be routinely done. Therefore, we need volunteers to be dynamic.

We understand that gaining conservation experience is valuable to all people, and even if you are not in the field of natural resources, we encourage you to apply if you want to gain insight into the field. Please note that due to the large area we work in, volunteers are required to have a valid driver’s license. Basic, self-catering accommodation will be provided. Field trips will entail camping and all volunteers should bring their own sleeping bags. When at Krommelboog town trips will be provided every two weeks.


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To help us understand your requirements and objectives, and use them best as possible for mutual benefit please complete the form below. In addition, please attach a short CV and a brief cover letter describing your interest in Landmark Foundation to apply for a volunteering opportunity with us. The more information you supply, the better we can coordinate placements and participants. Please bear in mind that living and working closely as a team may also be mentally and emotionally demanding. You know yourself, and any limitations you may have, best. Your honesty in response to these questions affects your safety and the safety of your team while participating in the monitoring work. Failure to disclose any potentially important information could result in risky situations in the challenging and unpredictable environments in which we work. Extreme cases, in which the program is compromised through failure to divulge this information, could result in participants being asked to leave the program.

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