The Team

Dr Bool Smuts
Dr Bool SmutsDirector Landmark Foundation
Environmental Manager, Environmentalist, Project Manager, Fundraiser and Medical Doctor, B.Sc., MBChB, DCH, MPhil (Environmental Management)

Bool Smuts practices as a sustainable development expert, with environmental management, socio-economic development and environmental auditing and risk management expertise. He has special interests in renewable energies, protected areas development and management, tourism, species conservation, resource utilisation, and related conservation economy development.

He focuses on the initiation of large projects and developing innovative models to expand, consolidate, commercialise and manage conservation areas and initiatives, and related socio-economic development.

Monica Vaccaro
Monica VaccaroEducation
Monica runs the education program focusing on schools in our core field work areas. She does talks, activities and holiday programs with schools.
She is an art teacher and professional photographer as well as an inspiration to all.
Johan van Schalkwyk
Johan van SchalkwykFinancial Controller
Johan is a senior management consultant with his own company J&S Financial Services based in Port Elizabeth. He as been with the project since the early days and serves on the board of trustees and as its Financial Manager.
Thulani Tshabalala
Thulani TshabalalaResearcher
Thulani is fascinated by the ecology of large mammalian herbivores and predators.  In particular, he focuses on the influence of predators and other factors on herbivore resource selection at various spatiotemporal scales, through the use of GIS and remote sensing. Previous research includes investigating seasonal forage utilization by the African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) in the succulent thicket of Eastern Cape; and the role of rainfall gradients in influencing selection of resources by generalist herbivores in KwaZulu Natal province (South Africa). He completed a BSc Hons in Livestock and Wildlife Management in 2005. He completed his MSc in Pasture Science and currently completing a PhD in Ecology with the University of Witwatersrand.
Jeannine McManus
Jeannine McManusLeopard Project Research and Field Manager
Jeannine first joined the Landmark Foundation in 2005 volunteering in her spare time. In 2008 she was thrilled to undertake the research and extension work position with the organization on a full-time basis.

Since joining the project she has been doing research into leopard ecology & their population density with a particular focus on establishing landscape connectivity in the Eastern and Western Cape. During her time on the project she has proudly assisted in converting over 170 000 ha of privately owned land with participating farmers into biodiversity friendly corridors.

Jeannine is underway with a PhD under the auspices of WITS University. She completed a MSc at Rhodes University, South Africa with distinction in 2009.

Helen Lechmere-Oertel
Helen Lechmere-OertelManager Tsitsa Falls Project
Helen worked as the Environmental Officer for 6 years in the Forestry Sector of the Eastern Cape before joining the Tstitsa Falls Project. She did environmental management and also ran the education center hosting 3000-4000 students per year. She has taught for 5 years as a high school biology teacher and is a qualified tour guide.

She is a founding member and co-director theMaclear Animal Centre (MAC) – a Non-Profit animal welfare organisation. Helen has wide ranging interests including the Earth Sciences Geography,Conservation (Biodiversity, Protected Areas, Cultural Heritage, Wilderness), Environmental Management and Education, Community Development, Ecotourism, History and Archaeology.

Dayne de Wet
Dayne de WetField Researcher
Dayne de wet has had a lifelong passion for conservation work. He attended NMMU Saasveld where he obtained his B-Tech degree. He held the position of Curator of the Garden Route Botanical Garden for several years, where he was involved with education and indigenous plant horticulture and conservation. He joined Landmark to pursue his passion for fieldwork, and he now enjoys working on the various Landmark projects.
Harry Lewis
Harry LewisField Researcher
Harry Lewis joined Landmark Foundation in 2016 and does the on-the-ground field work. He completed a National Diploma in Nature Conservation in 2015 and intends to complete a B-Tech degree in the same field. He has a keen interest in large mammalian predators and how they interact with their ecosystems. Before joining Landmark he worked with lions and brown hyenas in Karoo National Park.