Tourism Development

Upper Tsitsa Falls Adeventure Tourism & Agriculture project

The Upper Tsitsa Falls Adventure Tourism and Agriculture project will establish an anchor adventure tourism attraction and agriculture (hazelnut) project in the Maclear area of the Eastern Cape, which is located in the Elundini Local Municipality and the Ukhahlamba District Municipality. The project seeks to be a catalyst for local economic development through conservation friendly tourism and agricultural activities that will be a model for sustainable development. It is located in one of the poorest and least developed parts of the Eastern Cape. The project is a partnership between local communities and two private landowners.

The project will develop a tourism venture, a small nature reserve and cash crop and hazelnut venture in a private community partnership.

The key problems being addressed are:
The limited diversity of the tourism products offered in the north-eastern Eastern Cape despite its potential for diversification and development of this sector:

  • The lack of agricultural development in community areas with good agricultural potential.
  • The lack of sustainable rural jobs that are largely in line with local skills and capabilities in remote areas.
  • The lack of income and livelihood generating opportunities in the least developed parts of Eastern Cape

There is currently a small private enterprise (The Falls Backpackers), operational for the last 6 years, which is experiencing some growth. The problems of the region can be addressed through the development of a community – private sector partnership through this project. The final beneficiaries are the inhabitants of Mfabantu (population 319), Kholopan (population 832), Lower KGO (population 272), Great PLA (Population 141). The target groups are the Upper Tsitsa Community Trust, The Falls Backpackers, Gary Kashula and partners. This partnership will trade as the Upper Tsitsa Falls Game Reserve.

The project commenced in 2009 with implementation through an EU grant and private partner support.