Solar Solutions

This project proposes a new application of existing technologies to provide a solution to South Africa’s energy needs. It brings a unique African solution to our energy crisis and at the same time addresses pressing economic, environmental and social concerns.

This is a local economic development project targeting low income/unemployed households that give them access to energy and carbon markets, while contributing to renewable energy development and water saving efforts.

The commercial potential of this project is vast. The Landmark Foundation has developed the project concept, feasibility analysis and business plan, and is now working towards its pilot and implementation.

This project will pilot a grid connect solar power scheme that produces renewable solar energy, solves a housing problem, provides rainwater collection and generates income for poor households. The pilot will form the basis of a commercial venture and partnership.

South Africa plans to build millions of low cost houses. This project proposes fitting these houses with:

  • 40 square meter solar panel roofs
  • Solar water heaters
  • Runoff rainwater collections system

This will improve the housing standards, produce renewable energy, and at the same time provide solar heated water and catch rainwater.

The excess energy that the household produces will be sold to the national grid/municipal supplies. This excess power could become a source of income to the households (estimated to about $100 per month). This financial incentive ensures that the homeowners care for the revenue generator – the solar panel roofs; simultaneously water is collected in 5000l litre tanks and water is solar heated, reducing water demand in a water scarce country.

The housing developments will be organised into energy cooperatives and will feed their energy into the grid.

This project is currently being developed in partnership with the Development Bank of South Africa, Eastern Cape Development Corporation and the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.